What to Do When Your Phone Screen Gets Cracked

Scratches and cracks on your screen are inevitable especially if your phone doesn’t have a protective case. While they’re lots of repair shops around, knowing how to fix a cracked phone screen could save you a few bucks. So in this article, we will show you DIY steps you could take to manage a phone with a cracked screen.

These tips can either serve as a temporary or permanent solution to your broken screen. Whichever way, you can have your phone looking or working normally in the meantime.

What Makes Your Phone Screen to Crack

No matter how cautious you may be, there are various ways in which you can accidentally damage your phone screen:

  • Accidentally dropping it on a solid surface.
  • Sitting on your phone while it’s in your back pocket.
  • Colliding with objects when your phone is in your pocket or purse.
  • Using inappropriate objects as a stylus.

For now, the most effective method to avoid a cracked screen is to use a protective case for your phone.

How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen 

There are several methods to repair a cracked screen. However, whether it will work or not largely depends on the severity of the damage. Anyways, here are steps to take when your phone screen gets cracked:

1. Assess the Severity of the Damage

First things first, immediately you feel the screen is broken, pick up your phone carefully to assess the damage. Be cautious, because a cracked screen can result in sharp edges. Then check to see if the touch and display are still functioning. If it’s still operating, then you may just have yourself a cosmetic case. If not, the damage may be more severe.

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 2. Backup Your Data

A smart thing to do when your phone is involved in a damaging incident such as falling into water or falling on the floor is to back up your data immediately. Otherwise, if the damages get worse, you may lose them forever. You can connect your device to your PC or cloud-based services to move your photos, contacts, and other important data to ensure they’re safe. 

3. Attach a DIY Screen Protector

While this isn’t necessarily a long-term solution, applying a DIY screen protector can help prevent further damage and protect against sharp glass while you’re planning to get your phone repaired. You can either use a screen protector or clear packing tape for this. However, before applying, ensure the screen is clean and free of dust. 

Don’t forget to attach a proper screen protector to your phone after getting your screen replaced! You can prevent a reoccurrence of broken screens with this.

4.  Repair or Replace the Screen

Depending on the extent of the screen damage and how old your phone is, you might want to consider hiring a professional to repair it or even get a new one. Many manufacturers and professional services offer repair options. While this may require dipping your hands into your pocket, it’s often cheaper than buying a new phone altogether. On the other hand, if your phone is older or the repair cost is too much, you can consider an upgrade.

5. Consider a Phone Upgrade

Most screens can be easily replaced without the need to buy a new phone, especially if your phone is a few generations old. However, with constant technology advancements, it might be worth exploring newer smartphone models that offer upgraded features for a similar price. While replacing the screen won’t significantly impact your phone’s functionality, upgrading to a new device could provide you with more benefits.

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6. Trade in Your Phone

If you’re ready for a new device, consider trading in your damaged one to put towards the cost of a replacement. Platforms like uSell will purchase your broken phone for approximately half of its original price. Additionally, there are websites dedicated to selling pre-owned iPhones.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to What to Do When Your Phone Screen Gets Cracked

How Do I Hide Cracks On My Phone Screen?

Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil or petroleum jelly to the screen to temporarily mask the damage. Please note that this method does not repair or prevent further damage to your phone.

How do I Stop Cracks On My Phone’s Screen From Spreading?

If the glass is not chipped or breaking off, consider applying a screen protector to protect against additional damage and potentially stop the cracks from expanding. Alternatively, you can try using a small amount of clear nail polish containing cyanoacrylate on small screen cracks, making sure to remove any excess and allowing it to dry to reinforce the glass.

Can I Fix a Screen Protector on a Cracked Screen?

You can apply a screen protector to a cracked phone screen, but it is only advisable when the damage is minimal. If the screen has missing or loose shards of glass, the protector may not adhere properly.

Does a Cracked Screen Affect Your Phone? 

Definitely. It’s possible to still use your phone if there’s a small scratch in the corner, but cracks won’t just go away on their own. Whether it’s a small scratch in the middle of the screen or a big crack spanning from one side to the other, both can worsen over time.

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Will Putting a Screen Protector Prevent Cracks From Spreading?

Yes, applying a screen protector or clear nail polish can temporarily prevent a crack from expanding. However, it’s important to avoid putting pressure on the cracked screen and keeping your phone away from extreme temperatures. If the crack is severe or spreading rapidly, it’s best to seek professional repair.

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