Refunds Don’t Win Affiliate Leaderboards

Serial Refunders

Are you a serial refunder? If so, chances are you aren’t going to win any affiliate leaderboard contests.

Can I Have My Money Back?

I recently received an email from someone who purchased one of my products. He told me there were many reasons that he wanted his money back and he even sent me proof of purchase. So, rather than apply the money-making information inside my training, this dude decided it would be easier just to get his money back.

More fool he, I say.

Thou Shalt Dominate

I’ve lost track of the number of affiliates I’ve mentored over the years who have gone on to totally dominate leaderboards in JVZoo and Warrior Plus, not to mention those who have also raked in some very tasty commissions on ClickBank.

You can join them if you like, and you don’t even need to buy any of my products either.

What Will Your Results Be?

Now naturally, your results are not guaranteed or in any way typical. Everyone is different. Many people simply do not put good advice into practice, even when their mentor has a closet full of “Affiliate Leaderboard Winner” t-shirts.

Commissions Come From Commitment

One promise I can definitely stand over, however, is that if you keep asking for refunds for every report, program and course that you purchase, you have absolutely no chance of even getting on an affiliate leaderboard never mind winning it. And it isn’t just the money. Seriously, most affiliate marketers couldn’t care less about the tiny commissions they earn when someone buys a $7 report. This is about commitment.

We’ve Got Your Back

Believe it or not, the affiliate marketing world is a community where (most) marketers have each other’s back. I mean, where do you think the gurus cut their teeth? OK, a select few pioneers did things differently from the start, but the vast majority of marketers on these here old internet prairies learned from each other, taught each other and supported each other and still do.

Long Runs The Fox

The thing about having a record, as someone who continuously asks for refunds, is that you don’t learn jack squat about affiliate marketing, dominating leaderboards or earning commissions; no-one has your back if you have questions or run into trouble; and, as they say, long runs the fox, but even cunning Reynard eventually gets caught.

Your Name In Affiliate Leaderboard Lights

If you seriously can’t afford to buy a few inexpensive reports to help you earn juicy commissions and see your name in affiliate leaderboard lights, then get a part-time job for a while, flipping burgers at McDonald’s, but please, pretty please, don’t ask for a refund.

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