How to Find High Paying Affiliate Programs To Promote And Make Money

Affiliate networks are very popular these days because online advertising has become big business. It is a well-known fact that getting clicks on your affiliate adverts is not a very profitable endeavour.

But, the savvier webmaster will search out high paying affiliate programs so that each click is worth more. As a side note, if you truly want the highest paid affiliate adverts on your website, then try CPA (Cost Per Action) instead of PPC (Pay Per Click). CPA adverts will send you far fewer payments than PPC, but CPA payments are often worth a lot more than PPC.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find the best and high paying affiliate programs and learn how to promote them. This affiliate marketing strategy will help you to earn more money like you’ve dreamed of.

Run a Google search to start with.

Like anybody searching for anything online, your first port of call should be Google. First you need to run a search for affiliate programs and collect the names of at least ten. You should read their terms to find out what they do and get a feel for the market and the average click payments and entry conditions.

Look at articles on certain programs.

People out there have written articles on certain affiliate programs. It is your job to search out the sincere unbiased ones, and the ones that were paid for by the affiliate company. This is sometimes fun as you will find affiliate program endorsements for affiliate programs other than the ones running on the website you read it (as in, they do not take their own advice).

Look at affiliate directories for ideas where to research.

There are websites that host big directories of many of the affiliate networks. The sites themselves are set up in a similar way to comparison sites. Most of them will even have a search bar and search options that will help you to find the affiliate program that suits you.

You should also be aware of the fact that many affiliate programs do not offer a flat rate. It is quite possible to join an affiliate program and be presented with different advertisers who are offering very different affiliate advert click prices. In this case you may find that they are choosy about whom they host their adverts with, but in any case, you should not assume that just because a directory gives you an average click cost for an affiliate program that is all you may earn via it.

Look for reviews on different affiliate programs.

There are a lot of affiliate reviews, but be wary of the ones that are paid for by the affiliate programs themselves. Be wary of reviews that place on affiliate program significantly above the others reviewed. Oddly enough, the best reviews are the ones written by webmasters who want traffic, as they have less incentive to support one affiliate program over another.

If they sell high-end goods then they pay out more.

If your adverts sell products that cost a lot of money, then it stands to reason that they will pay more for clicks. However, you will find that most of these adverts are CPA (as mentioned in the introduction), but just one or two payments per month will make you far more than lots of clicks on a similar PPC program.

If you have lots of traffic they may pay more.

This is because the adverts are more likely to get clicks. If this is the case then the advertisers are willing to pay a little more. This is not because they admire your site in any way. They will pay a little more because they want to get one up on their competition, as they would rather appear on high traffic sites than have their competition appear on them.

Ask the webmasters of websites with high-end adverts.

Some may be kind enough to tell you where they found their affiliate advertising network. The high-end affiliate advertisers are harder to find, so asking webmasters themselves will cut a lot of the work out for you.

Persistently look will eventually yield results.

The fact is that a good affiliate network is going to take a long time to find. Do not make the mistake of jumping into one network right away. It may take you a few days to fully research and apply to the affiliate network that is right for you.

Ask people on forums and Q&A websites.

There are still nice people out there who will answer such questions on question and answer websites. You will get a few comments from losers who have nothing better to do with their time, but that is the Internet for you.

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