9 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Doesn’t Last Long

Do you ever feel like your phone’s battery is draining faster than normal? It can be frustrating to have to charge your device constantly throughout the day or worry about it shutting down when you need it most. There are many reasons why your phone’s battery may be draining quickly, and, fortunately, there are also many solutions to help improve your battery life. 

In this post, we will explore some of the common reasons why your phone’s battery doesn’t last long. After revealing the causes of fast battery drain on cell phones you’ll learn how to maximize your battery life so you won’t be stranded next time.

1. Apps Running in The Background 

There are some apps that function even when you’re not using them. Some of these apps like antivirus, phone battery savers, Play/App Stores, and calendar apps even work when your phone is asleep. These applications control or monitor specific aspects of your phone when you don’t intervene.

The worst part is that they drain your battery significantly. You may probably not need these apps to be working in the background. Therefore, it’s best to just disable them or stop them from working in the background. To do this, simply head to your phone Settings and tap on Device Care (for Android devices) or Battery (for iPhone). Then, you’ll access the battery optimization option, which, when activated, will shut down any unnecessary background apps. Doing this will save you a good chunk of battery life. Besides, it’ll save your battery from draining in the long run.

2. High Display Brightness 

Leaving your phone display screen on max brightness display is another significant reason why your phone battery doesn’t last long. People who stay outside for long will especially want the display light to be always high, but this has a huge effect on the battery life in the long run. The display light is majorly responsible for making your device hot and high temperature is responsible for draining batteries, in most cases.

So the best solution to this is to adjust your phone’s brightness settings so it adapts to external light differences. Doing this will allow it to automatically brighten in high-light environments and darken in environments exposed to low light. To do this, simply head to the Display section on the settings of your phone and reduce brightness. 

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But a dimmer screen can be inconvenient, especially if you have impaired eyesight. If so, just switch your most used apps’ display to dark mode, and your phone’s general display. This will not darken your phone screen drastically but change your phone’s standard white menu and the backgrounds of the apps to black. You’d be amazed how much battery this will save without compromising on brightness.

3. Staying Connected For Long

Keeping your data or WiFi activated all day can significantly drain your phone battery. As you constantly receive notifications and background updates, it affects your battery performance.

So when sleeping or if you’re not using the internet, it’s best to switch off all connections. You could even put your phone on Airplane Mode. But if you’re worried about missing an important call, just turn off your data and WiFi from the dropdown list so that you’ll still be able to accept cellular phone calls. Keep in mind that placing your phone in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode will not turn off your Wi-Fi or data.

4. Picture-in-Picture Mode

If you use Twitch, YouTube Premium, or a similar app on your device, you may have switched to picture-in-picture mode before. It involves watching a video or stream in a small box on the bottom or top of your screen while using other apps. While this can be convenient, using multiple apps simultaneously such as this can drain your phone battery.

If you want to disable the picture-in-picture mode on selected apps, head to your phone’s settings and go to the Apps section on your Android or Picture in Picture on your iPhone within the General section.

Then, select your chosen apps from the list provided. You can now access the permissions and general settings of the app in question. Then, you’ll be able to choose the Picture in Picture option (if the app has access to it) and deactivate it using the toggle.

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5. Using Location-Tracking Apps

Another reason why your phone battery doesn’t last long is as a result of location apps working in the background. There are many apps that can track your location such as  Google Maps, Postmates, Bumble, Uber, and others. And while you may think these apps only track your location when you’re using them, this isn’t always the case. Like apps working in the background, they’re constantly functioning, draining your battery.

The constant location monitoring takes up a lot of energy, taking a significant toll on your phone’s battery life. To deactivate the location tracking on your device,  simply turn off the location altogether. This feature is available on your phone’s dropdown menu. Similarly, you can hold down the location icon in the dropdown list to access the full location settings and shut it completely.

However, if you still want certain apps (maybe a navigation or safety app) to keep track of your location, you can disable the location tracking feature individually through the “Permissions” section of each app’s settings. Doing this might take you a while, but it’ll give you control over which apps will and won’t have access to your real-time location.

6. Exposing Your Phone to Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are another cause of phone battery draining. Besides, too cold or hot weather can affect your phone’s overall performance. In this case, it makes it difficult for the battery to maintain a charge. 

So be mindful of how you keep your phone during extreme weather conditions. During cold seasons, always put your phone in your pocket, and during hot weather, place your phone close to a cooling device.

7. Charging Your Phone For Too Long

While charging your phone fully is very important, it can also be detrimental to the battery life if you charge it to 100% too often. So, it’s advisable to reduce the number of times you charge your phone to full charge in order to prolong the health of the battery.

But just as you’re avoiding overcharging, for it mean you should let your phone run completely low? According to experts, 80% is the ideal charging limit for your battery. However, it is essential to note that charging your battery too much too often will degrade the battery over time. Also, it is important to be mindful of where you charge your device as overheating can affect the battery health. Charging it under your pillow, for example, runs the risk of draining the battery.

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8. Poor Network Reception

This reason may sound surprising, but bad network reception can drain your phone battery life. According to experts, when your phone is searching for a signal, it takes a lot of energy, and it’s not necessarily going to stop looking on its own. You may have noticed this if you’re a frequent traveler to remote and/or underground locations with poor reception.

The solution? Just turn off your phone’s WiFi or data while in areas with poor network reception to preserve battery life. This is a win-win situation as you wouldn’t have to stress your device and at the same time save battery.

9. Your Phone’s OS System May Be Outdated 

Your phone’s operating system being out of date affects your battery’s performance significantly in many ways. However, updating it can help boost your device’s battery in many ways. For instance, some modern operating systems offer features that enable your phone to better reduce background usage of apps, other updates allow your phone to control the amount of juice it uses while charging.

As technology continues to improve, operating systems find ways to automatically make your phone’s battery energy usage more efficient, so it’s great to make sure your operating system is always up to date.

Final Thoughts 

It’s always painful to have your phone die unexpectedly. But now that you know the reasons why your phone battery doesn’t last long, you’ll be able to optimize the battery and prevent it from draining so quickly. Who knows, with this, you might not even need to tag along with a portable charger anytime you’re heading out anymore. You can also check out our article on tips on how to make your phone’s battery last longer to learn more! 

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