7 Ways To Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Waiting for your phone to charge can be very frustrating, especially when you really want to use it. Even with the latest invention of phones with supercharge features, they aren’t charging as fast you you’d need it. But like they say, “there’s always a hack to everything.” 

You don’t have to wait for too long to get your battery to optimum level if you can get your hands on some simple fast charging tricks. So, in this article, we will discuss several ways to make your phone charge faster. Although these tips won’t make your device recharge at lightning speed, they’ll surely improve its charging time so that you can get on with your phone.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

They’re many reasons why your phone is not charging fast, once you’re able to overcome these obstacles, your slow phone charging problems may be over. So here is a list of things you can do to improve your phone charging speed:


1. Turn off Your Phone

Your phone’s operating system running in the background while charging could be the reason why the battery percentage is advancing slowly. So a smart move is to switch it off and allow it to charge. Switching it off also means you won’t be able to use it while it is plugged in (which is also one of the ways to improve phone charging).

Of course, turning off your phone while charging will prevent you from receiving calls or important messages. But if you’re looking to get a quick 15% charge before leaving the house, doing this won’t be a bad idea. You could also slot your SIM into another device while you wait for your main phone to recharge.

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2. Enable Airplane Mode 

If you’re not comfortable with switching off your device, but want it to charge faster, another method you could try is putting it on Airplane mode. Doing this will prevent the phone from picking up signals (which drains the battery and slow charging speed) while it recharges. Again, you may not be able to receive calls and text messages with this tip, but your device doesn’t have to be off.

Also, Airplane mode will disable signal-searching features like cellular connection, radio, Bluetooth, and WiFi, which require power to run. Now, your battery consumption rate will significantly reduce allowing it to recharge. Studies confirm that this could reduce the amount of time needed for charging a device by as high as 25 percent. 

3. Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging 

If you can’t turn off your phone or put it on Airplane mode while charging for obvious reasons, try not to use it. Using your phone while charging significantly slows down the process. This is especially using power-intensive apps like games, streaming, or messaging. Doing this will heat up your device, which not only slows the charging process but also drains your battery in the long run.

Therefore, resist the urge to watch videos, play games, and/or scroll through social media when your phone is plugged in. Shut down all apps and give it a few hours to charge after which you can use it to do what you please.

4. Keep Your Phone Cool

It’s advisable not to charge your device if you feel it’s overheating. Charging your phone when it is hot not only affects its charging time but also its lifespan. Similarly, it weakens your phone’s processor, making it work even harder, which causes more energy consumption.

You can avoid overheating your phone by keeping it cool. Force-stopping apps running in the background, keeping your phone from direct sunlight, and removing your phone case are some of the ways to prevent overheating. Remember, a cool phone charges efficiently.

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5. Charge with a High-Quality Charger

One of the best ways to charge your phone faster is to use an efficient power adapter to pair it with a high-quality cable. They’re charger adapters designed to provide over 45 watts of power or more, which is much faster than a standard charger. However, your phone must support fast charging for this to work even better. 

If you’re desperate to see your phone charging fast even after trying the four tips above, then you should invest in a quality charger. Besides, a good adapter and cable are healthy options for your battery.

6. Avoid Wireless Charging

No doubt that wireless charging can be convenient as it means using fewer cables. However, if you want your phone to charge fast, you should avoid it! Because it’s still a developing innovation, wireless charger offers no option for fast charging. Unfortunately, this makes it a relatively slow charging option.

In fact, studies reveal charging with a wireless charger could be up to 50% slower. There are two main reasons why this is the case. First, charging with a cable offers more efficiency in the transfer of energy than a simple contact. Second, the wasted energy will cause your phone to overheat, which drains your battery.

7. Charge Via a Wall Socket

Connecting your USB port to your computer or in your car isn’t a fast charging method. Technically, non-wall socket USB ports offer only a power output of 0.5A. On the other hand, wall socket charging will give you up to 1A (depending on your device). 

While there’s nothing wrong with charging with a lower amperage (as it won’t harm your device), you’ll have to wait for your phone to charge a lot longer. 

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Final Thoughts 

We’ve shown you the various ways you can make your phone charge faster to make the experience less frustrating. Working through these tips methodically can help you save time charging your phone. However, if none of them work, you should consider changing your phone’s battery or getting a new device altogether.

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