5 Simple Tricks for Remembering Strong Passwords

It can be frustrating having to reset your passwords each time you want to log into a website because you forgot it. Sometimes, because Google requires strong passwords, we set one that isn’t easy to remember. However, with some tricks and tips, you can be able to recover your password without having to crack your brain.

So in this article, we’ll reveal some simple tricks for remembering strong passwords. By using these hacks, you’ll be able to create and set a password that, although it isn’t easily guessable, is easy to remember. Plus, you wouldn’t need to write it down somewhere or tell someone, as your account security is your secret and one to protect.

5 Tips on How To Remember Your Passwords

How to remember a strong password

If you fail to use the right methods in creating strong, hard-to-remember passwords, you may be tempted to resort to using weaker, easier-to-guess passwords that could put your information at risk. Using a different password for each account and keeping them all straight isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to remember a strong password:

1. Create Easy-to-Remember Password

The core idea of passphrases is simple: combine words to create a longer, more memorable password. Unlike traditional passwords that mix letters, numbers, and symbols, passphrases focus on using a series of words for strong online security.

Passphrases provide a new way to protect your accounts, emphasizing both security and ease of recall. By choosing words that make sense together, users can create passwords that are both secure and easy to remember.

For instance, instead of using a weak password like “P@ssw0rd123,” a passphrase like “PurpleKangaroosDanceMidnight” offers better protection against hacking while being simpler to remember.

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Creating strong passwords that are also easy to remember is crucial for maintaining online security. One way to achieve this is by starting with a memorable or random line as the foundation of your password. Here are some common methods to help you create a strong and easily recallable password.

Using random words from a dictionary is a great way to build a unique base password. Selecting uncommon or unrelated words can enhance security. For example, combining “juxtapose” and “raccoon” to create “JuxtaposeRaccoon” can make for a strong password.

Drawing inspiration from favorite lines in books and movies is another effective strategy. By choosing a line that resonates with you, such as “ItIsAtruth” or “LiveLongAndProsper,” you can create a password that is both secure and easy to remember.

Inventing new phrases or sentences that hold personal significance is also a good approach. Creating phrases like “DancingPolarBears” or “MarathonOnMars” based on personal experiences or aspirations can help you create a password that is not only strong but also memorable.

By using these methods to create a strong foundation for your password, you can ensure that your online accounts are secure while also making it easier for you to recall your passwords.

2. Store Your Password With An Encrypted Note on Your PC

One effective method for both remembering and protecting your passwords is to store them in an encrypted note on your computer.

The encrypted section of the note can only be accessed with a master password, so be sure to choose a strong and unique password that you can easily remember.

To encrypt text using Evernote on a Mac or Windows computer, simply open a note and highlight the text you want to encrypt. Right-click on the highlighted text and select “Encrypt Selected Text.” Enter a passphrase that will be used to decrypt the text in the future.

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Once you’ve set the passphrase and confirmed it, your text will be securely encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

3. Store Your Passwords in a Secure Gadgets 

There are a variety of gadgets on the market designed to help you remember and protect your passwords. One example is the Password Safe, a compact device capable of storing information for up to 400 accounts and powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Another alternative is the Keypad Secure FIPS Certified Memory Stick, an encrypted USB flash drive. This device can safeguard important files and also store your passwords securely. Each flash drive is assigned a unique ID, and in the event that you forget your password, the company can provide you with a 10-bit dynamic password. So if you’re the type that don’t remember strong passwords, get your hands on one of these gadgets 

4. Use Your browser or iPhone Keychain

Each time you create an account, your web browser or iPhone keychain will ask for your permission to remember your password. It can be convenient due to autofill and its ability to save passwords across a number of devices.

However, note that this method isn’t a secure way to remember passwords as there’s the risk of remote device access and device theft. Cybercriminals can be able to easily access your passwords through this method. So if you’re using this trick, it’s best to use it for accounts that don’t contain your personal information or details that are confidential.

5. Use a Password manager

Password managers are secure tools that help you remember your password. As the name suggests, they help you to manage and store the passwords to all your accounts so that you don’t lose them. They use encryption to securely save your account information.

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There are many password manager applications available for download in the App Store and Play Store, each offering its unique features and operations. However, they all have secure storage for remembering passwords and taking the task off your hands. Some have additional security better than web browsers and other insecure methods. So if strong passwords isn’t easy to remember, you can simply download and use a password manager.

Final Thoughts 

Don’t ever fall into the temptation of setting a weak password because you want to remember it. Passwords are your key to protect your account from hackers and cybercriminals. Remember that your information and privacy should be protected at all times. You can use the tricks discussed in this article if you are the type that finds it difficult to remember strong passwords. 

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